It is with great joy and pride that we announce that St. Patrick’s School has been accredited by the Middle States Association! Official notification has been received, making St. Patrick’s the only elementary school in Madison County to have earned this high honor for schools!

What does this mean? Well, the process to become accredited is quite arduous and schools that apply for this ranking must successfully complete many requirements to be considered. The first step of the process involves a lengthy self study where we look at everything from our academic programs, student services, long-range planning and the role we play in the community.

There are 12 specific standards that a school must meet or exceed to earn accreditation. These standards include: philosophy, mission and beliefs; planning; assessment of student learning; finances; health and safety; facilities; students life and student activities; student services; media services and technology; educational programs; organizational design and staff; governance and leadership.

A committee of faculty and parents and administration worked hard to review how St. Patrick’s measures up in each of these areas and to prepare reports to submit to the Middle States Association. Upon review of these reports, the Association accepted St. Patrick’s School as a candidate for accreditation and sent a team of educators to our school for a week to assess every aspect of our school and to interview staff, parents and even our students.

This team was very impressed with St. Patrick’s and passed along high praise. The team recommended our school for accreditation and the Middle States Commissioners voted to give our school this wonderful honor!

Accreditation by the Middle States Association is recognized around the world as an indication of trustworthiness, educational quality and commitment to on-going school improvement.

F. Laird Evans, Ed. D., executive director of the Commission, praised St. Patrick’s for this accomplishment. He said Middle States Accreditation is “a recognition of both prior achievements and a commitment to greater future accomplishments.”

We certainly are proud of our accomplished past, but we continue to focus on the future of our school and work diligently to ensure that we continue to exceed the high standards that St. Patrick’s has been known since 1921!

We are so proud to be the only elementary school in Madison County to have earned this educational milestone!