“Our granddaughter loves coming here because it is such a happy place and all the adults say hello!” -Grandma of a PK student

“We first enrolled our child at St. Patrick’s for the religious education, but later found it’s so much more. Besides the fact that the Christian values guide their education, there is a sense of family among the entire school community, as well as the positive influence the school has on the local community.” -Jbarah family


“St. Pat’s and their staff truly care about each and every child. They took what could be a scary place for my daughter and made it a place she enjoys going to.” – Mr. O’Brian


“We love knowing that our children are safe at school. St. Patrick’s has a family-like atmosphere where kids feel protected and cared for.” -Mrs. Pabis


“St. Pat’s is a place where you are never bullied. It is a school and a community where you know your child is safe and well cared for. Your whole child is educated, loved, and nurtured.” -Mrs. DeBottis


“The love for God in our family has grown tenfold because of the teachings of God’s love at St. Patrick’s! Hearing your child pray for another is the greatest gift!” -Mrs. Marris


“The one-on-one and close-knit family feel could never be matched with public school!” -Ms. Colvin


“We love the family-friendly, parent-welcomed, and wholesome environment of the school as shown by the staff. We ALL feel very welcomed and wanted!” -Mrs. Hatfield


“What we love about St. Pat’s School is the love and dedication that each and every person who teaches the kids puts in each and every day. The staff all make us feel like we are a part of a big, happy family.” -Mr. and Mrs. Dingman


“We enjoy seeing how happy our son is when he goes into his classroom. St. Patrick’s School is a positive, welcoming place. It has been fun listening to our son sing all the songs he learns in school.” -Mrs. Langner


“I love all of the wonderful teachers! They are very protective over their students. St. Patrick’s School has a wonderful staff.” -Mrs. Gormley


“We love the family atmosphere of St. Patrick’s. The small class sizes, and the amazing teachers and staff make St. Patrick’s the only choice for our family!” -Mrs. Mitchell


“Not only do we feel blessed to be a part of such a loving school family, but St. Patrick’s School has been in our family for many years. We are grateful for the amazing education it gives our children as well as strengthening and deepening their love and faith in God.” -Mrs. vanLieshout


“We love St. Pat’s because we feel we are one big family here! We learn together, love together, and grow together!” -Ms. Perry


“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our children to St. Pat’s! The teachers and staff are warm and wonderful, and the school is small with a tight-knit family feel. I love that a focus on God is incorporated throughout the day, and that they do extras like Yoga (stretching) and Spanish. Our children are thriving!” -Mrs. Furlong


“St. Patrick’s School isn’t just a school; it is a family and a community for your children. They say it takes a village, and this is one I would pick all over again!” -Mrs. Guiliano