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Dress Code (revised 6/16)

St. Patrick’s School Dress Code for Grades K-6

Revised September 2017

DRESS UNIFORM (Download dress code here)


Girls: Grades K-3 will wear standard black watch plaid jumper with a white uniform blouse (long or short sleeves), it must have a collar. Grades 4-6 may wear either a kilt or jumper with white uniform blouse. All jumpers must be knee-length and the matching cloth belt must be worn. All kilts must be knee-length. Leggings and Yoga pants are NOT permitted.

Boys: Navy dress pants with white dress shirt (short or long sleeves) and a tie. Pants, Shorts and Skorts: Are to be traditional navy uniform style and they are not to be too tight fitting. Low-riding or cargo pants are NOT permitted. 





FALL DRESS CODE:September, October and November

Girls: Navy walking shorts, navy skorts (no shorter than one inch above the knee) or navy pants (no capris) with a white or powder blue polo shirt (long or short sleeves). OR Dress Uniform

Boys: Navy walking shorts (no shorter than one inch above the knee) or navy pants with a white or powder blue polo shirt (long or short sleeves). OR Dress Uniform


WINTER DRESS CODE: December, January, February and March

Boys and Girls: Must have legs covered by either pants or heavy tights, NO SHORTS ALLOWED! Dress Uniform is always welcomed.


SPRING DRESS CODE: April, May and June

Same as fall dress code except in June, when students can wear sneakers of their choice. Dress Uniform is always welcomed.  



1) Black, dark brown or navy shoes for girls with modest heel of no more than 1” high (for safety reasons clogs, sandals or open-toed or open-back styles are not permitted in school).

2) Black or dark brown dress shoes for boys. NO FASHION BOOTS.

3) ALL BLACK sneaker option for boys and girls. Sneakers worn in lieu of dress shoes must be ENTIRELY BLACK, INCLUDING SOLE! (No stripes, logos or designs of any color!). Sneakers that are worn at school need to be the type that ties for safety reasons. No slip ons. Sneakers with Velcro may be worn only if bindings are tight and secure.

4) Sneakers of any color may be worn during the month of June ONLY.



Matching socks are to be worn at all times!

Boys may wear only solid white, black or navy ankle or golf socks.

Girls may wear only solid white, black or navy socks (ankle, golf or knee) OR black, white, navy or dark green tights.



All jumpers must be worn with the matching cloth belt. If a belt is worn with pants and shorts, it must be a plain black or brown traditional belt. (No logos or designs or sashes etc.)


Sweaters and sweater vests:

Sweaters may be cardigans, pullovers or vests. Sweaters must be solid navy or solid white. No hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets or fleece may be worn indoors.



Students may wear small, modest earrings and /or necklaces. Wrist watches are permitted. The following items are NOT allowed to be worn or brought to school: bracelets (including the snap bracelets), ankle bracelets, dangle earrings, sweatbands. Please no jewelry on physical education days. NO MAKE UP OR LIPSTICK ALLOWED. Chap Stick on an as needed basis. Modest hair accessories are allowed.


Physical Education Clothes:

Grades 3-6 will change for Phys. Ed. All students will need a plain gray T-shirt or a St. Patrick’s School gray T-shirt. They may wear blue or black shorts, (no shorter than 1” above the knee in length), blue or black sweat pants or blue or black nylon wind pants. Stripes on mesh shorts or pants are acceptable. Sneakers of any color may be worn, but they must tie. Socks are required.


Dress Down Days:

On designated dress down days all students should be appropriately and modestly dressed. No tank tops or spaghetti straps. No T-shirts with inappropriate designs. No torn or low-riding jeans or pants.

Shorts may only be worn in September, May and June and must be knee-length. Sandals, flip flops and clogs are never permitted, including dress down days.



*Please note: New Jumpers and kilts are only available through Flynn & O’Hara. Ties are available from our school office for $7.00 each. As always, the Uniform Exchange is available to all families. Call the office to schedule an appointment or the Uniform room is open the first Monday of each month from 2:30-3:30 to look for items needed.

Donations of uniforms in good condition welcomed!